Friday, March 20, 2015

Review: Slide-in pocket pages

Slide-in pocket pages are a great way to catch up on a pile of photos. I was excited about the new CM Multi-Pocket Pages for 12x12 because I'd used the Picfolio Milestones album (11x14) in the past and found it an easy way to catch up on photos, but I wanted to mix pocket pages with traditional scrapbooking pages in my 12x12 albums.

(Disclaimer: I sell CM products and will benefit if you use these links and see "Elizabeth Saunders" as advisor at the top of the page. However, I use these products for my own pictures and intend to give an honest review.)

Overall, I like the new pages and intend to use them again ... and again. It's a great way to scrap a pile of pictures in an hour or two. But I did note some differences and tips to keep in mind.

The new pages are clear and have pockets on just one side. So you have to put two pictures, facing opposite directions, in the same pocket. It's not that hard once you get used to it.

Because the pages are clear (Picfolio had a blank tan background), a cropped picture will show the back of the picture or paper on the other side. To fix this, use paper from one of the Slide-in Packs behind the photo (Change in Latitude paper shown here).

You can also use the papers for journaling and to fill in extra slots.

If you have the old Milestones paper packs, or photo mats from previous paper packs, simply trim the larger papers down to 4x6 inches (as I did for the page at the top of this article).

With pockets on just one side (which keeps pages thinner so you can fit more in your album), you don't have room to stash extra pictures — you know, the duplicates, or the ones that turned out a little blurry (am I the only one who does this?).

Tip: if the pocket is getting too tight, say, with two pictures and two slide-in papers or with one "stashed" picture, trim one or two items just a little less than 4x6. They'll slide in easier.

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